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I run a business for which I care deeply. When I look for help, I want to know that whoever I hire not only gets me, but will bring their best– as if my business was their own. Every penny is hard-earned and I want value and results.

I selectively work with businesses that align with my values and are:

  • Extremely passionate about what you do
  • Focused on your “Why” and how it impacts people in a positive way (instead of just selling a product or service)
  • Wanting to tell your story better and create loyal customers
  • Tired of cookie cutter commercials that look like everyone else
  • Desiring an authentic documentary /exploration approach that inspires understanding and action
  • Seeking a national look with a filmic, cinematic style (as compared to the local or low-budget video look you’ll get with many others)

I approach every project and client through the same lens. I become a member of your team. I immerse myself in your what, why and how. I clearly define the process, timeline, tools and expected outcome. I pride myself in exceeding expectations and delivering early.

“During the stress of a month-plus long independent feature shoot, done on a modest budget, in multiple locations and often difficult circumstances, he was not only incredibly fast, efficient, and artistic with every set-up, but he remained the calm in the storm. He was my rock.” Robin Russin– Professor/Screenwriter at University of California

“He is on time, within budget and very communicative in all of his work – written, planning, filming, production, and social media production. In my team, he is relied on to be discerning, passionate, and professional – someone I always rely on. Our speakers at TEDxTucson are amazed by the beauty of their videos.” Mary Reed– CEO at TEDxTucson

“I’ve engaged Evan on multiple projects for our company. He’s professional, creative, and easy to work with, and the quality of his work is far above what we’ve received elsewhere.” Steve Bernat– Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Technology Entrepreneur at


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