Music, Theater and Arts

I love to partner with artists, musicians, actors and theater companies, arts advocacy groups and associations who often find that the average video production company approaches their projects like they would a corporate client. They don’t get your art.

I grew up immersed in the arts; traveling the country as a family musical act, with a father who is a musician, songwriter and artist, a sister who is a professional singer and with art and music coursing through my veins. Music was my life throughout school and I studied Instrumental Music Performance at university before changing my major to film.

I get your art on a cellular level. I understand the importance of the subtle timing and nuances that showcase your art to it’s fullest potential. And I love nothing more than to collaborate with artists to add visual form to your music; to showcase your art; to beautifully capture your theatrical performance; to tell the story of why art is critical to culture.

Let's talk about how we can work together to tell your story!