Artifact Dance Project– Frida

Artifact Dance Project fuses contemporary dance, music, and drama to inspire imagination, discovery and connection. Their amazing choreography and ability to tell a story through dance, often fused with live music, makes for an amazing experience.

“Frida,” is a collaboration between Artifact and Lane Harmon and Roger King, who wrote original music for the show. Frida tells the story of Frida Kahlo, who is revered in her home country of Mexico and around the world. Frida, who died in 1954, had a tragic and beautiful life. Her art, her many lovers, her revolutionary politics, the pain she lived with constantly thanks to childhood polio and a bus accident when she was 18, and her tumultuous marriages to artist Diego Rivera make for a dramatic story. And Artifact’s choreography, along with Lane Harmon and Roger King’s songwriting and music, creates an experience unlike any other.

Working with Artifacts to capture on film the innovative and unusual experience they provide has been an enjoyable challenge for me. And Artifact offers me a creative license to transform their live performances into a lasting experience their fans can enjoy into the future.


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July 5, 2018