Introducing the Just Be You Project

One of Ashton's recent self-portrait works, entitled Entropy

One of Ashton’s recent self-portrait works, entitled Entropy

My 15 year old daughter, Ashton, has been very dedicated to her photography and photo editing, and now is interested in telling stories through film.

So she and I are launching a collaborative project together. We are both fascinated by the concepts of identity and self-discovery.

Too many of us spend our lives doubting ourselves and trying to emulate what we think others want us to be.

We are excited to announce the Just Be You Project, a mini-documentary and portrait series that highlights inspirational people who have discovered who they are, and who inspire us to take our own JustBeYouLogoBlack-webunique path in life.

The Just Be You Project is an open forum where we welcome you to share your stories, videos and photos that capture how you Just Be You. Join us and add your voice on the Just be You Project Facebook group. Or post, tweet, instogram, etc., your contribution using the hashtag #justbeyouproject.

If we can’t love ourselves for who we are, how can we love others and heal the world?


Introducing the first episode of the Just Be You Project mini-documentary series, please enjoy Dancing Man.




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June 25, 2015