The road can be foreboding for people struggling to reenter mainstream society after years of displacement due to military service, incarceration, substance dependency and/or homelessness.  Questions arise – Where do I go next?  How do I get started? Where can I find guidance and support? Where can I find others that I can relate to? Since 1996, these questions, and more, have been answered for thousands of clients of Old Pueblo Community Services.  Despite tremendous growth and change, OPCS remains true to the mission year after year. When people face homelessness, Old Pueblo Community Services offers housing, counseling and support services to help them transform their lives. OPCS envisions a future in which all have the opportunity to reside in safe affordable housing and live meaningful, self-defined, dignified lives, as part of a healthy, inclusive community.
I have worked with Evan Grae Davis for two years and, during that time, we have produced several poignant video stories.  As an organization that works with persons formerly incarcerated, homeless or with serious mental illnesses, we insist on working with professionals that are compassionate to the needs and privacy of our subjects.  Evan has a gentle touch with our vulnerable populations, working with each individual respectfully, with patience and kindness.  The final videos tell complicated stories in succinct, yet thorough, ways and always keeping the dignity of the subject intact.  I could not have selected a better video producer to meet our every need. – Nancy E. Jones, Director of Development, Old Pueblo Community Services