Why should you select me to capture your passion, product, service or cause?

Incredible Experience, Expertise and Influence:

  • I’ve created hundreds of documentaries, videos, commercials, educational series, webinars, vlogs and other communication tools for hundreds of local, national and international organizations
  • I bring 30 years of experience to your project
  • I’m proficient in all aspects of production, including conceptualization, project management, writing, cinematography, design, post-production and distribution
  • My content has mobilized hundreds of thousands of people to take action

Proven Formula for Success:

  • I help you refine and define your message, audience and desired response through personal, emotionally connecting stories
  • I utilize the latest technology, techniques and tools that produce a filmic, cinematic style (as compared to the local or low-budget video look you’ll get with many others)
  • I keep current with the most effective trends in visual style, typography, music and best practices in marketing and film
  • I bring a broad team of industry professionals (designers, artists, animators, composers, aerial/drone pilots, etc.) who are highly specialized and proficient in their area of expertise


Great Value:

  • My experience, proficiency in all aspects of production, low overhead and streamlined approach enable me to produce high-end content at a fraction of the cost and time frame of most agencies
  • I develop a production timeline and create content within budget and ahead of deadline
  • I bring strong team leadership capabilities for uniting diverse talents and personalities to accomplish desired goals
  • Scope, price and timeline of projects are clearly defined with no hidden cost


Personally Passionate about Important Services and Causes to Mobilize People

  • I’m constantly active in creating my own International independent feature documentary films with a focus on human rights and social action
  • I speak and advocate as an activist for social justice and human rights causes
  • I consult and assist others with production and international distribution of their documentaries and movies
  • I adopt all causes and projects as if they are my own

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I've launched my new film project about violence against women!! Learn more here!